External balustrade

To help with the external environment we can create many external balustrades to suit staircases, spiral stairs or balcony areas where edge protection is required to assist in preventing falls.

All of our external style balustrades are created utilising the finest AISI 316 stainless steel, which is better, suited to the external environment and comes with a polished finish.

For the traversal rods ie horizontal rails standard comes at 94cm high with 5 stainless steel 10mm diameter rods and a 42mm diameter handrail or we can do a 101cm high balustrade with 8 traversal rods set 9.5cm apart. These balustrades can also have the handrail as an offset to help with anti climbing of the balustrade if required. And the traversal rods can be replaced with our Ultra clear laminated 4+4mm glass to give a contemporary twist to the space your protecting.

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