Concorde central spine staircase

Central spine stairs are usually created with a steel spine to provide the skeletal support to the staircase but were evolving and we don’t wish to do everything as expected and with this stunning hand crafted Timber we form a double curvature to these stair treads to form a more organic looking staircase to enhance natures natural curves like our spines support us this stunning central spine staircase carries you from one level to another on a sleek and engineered wooden spine.

The treads are hand crafted and can be made in many varieties of timber from beech, oaks , Doussie etc and coloured to your requirements and then be lacquered or hard wax oiled to enrich the timbers and enhance the anti slip properties .

The balustrade for these stairs are also endless from our stunning 3 branch Gaudi balustrade to ultra clear frameless glass were adapting to suit your wishes and creating stunning organic central spine stairs for you to enjoy and see in our studios.

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