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As the world evolves at an ever increasing rate we strive to exceed your expectation in terms of design and the materials used to create those designs.

Staircases are not only used as a transition from one level to another they are art forms defying gravity, expectations and the norm at stairs etc we take you to another level with our creations no longer is the norm satisfactory we expect to exceed your expectations of what a staircase could be into something that enhances the space it is set within be it a commercial or domestic property we specialise in creating stunning staircases for everyone to enjoy.

To enhance this evolution we can provide stunning creativity as the forests of the world are maintained to be sustainable we too strive to make our creation from sustainable resources and have the trees felled in the forests of Europe and brought directly to our factory where they are sliced and allowed to air dry in our European climate until you choose your stunning new designer staircase at which point we then hand select the timber from our air drying facilities adjacent the factory and then we start the process of creating your new stairs by kiln drying the timber that has been hand selected to best follow the colour of finish you desire and then we process through our factory in varying stages to create you beautiful and unique stair master piece.

Once the stair has been created it is then taken to our master finishers who then hand finish your staircase in the colours  and textures chosen and we can then provide a lacquered finish or as most of our clients prefer the natural way we use a natural hard wax oil created from a blend of plant extracts and waxes so the oils soak in to the wood to feed it and the waxes solidify on the surface to give our wood a stunning natural feel to the wood and for it not to feel contrived.

With each Marretti staircase a link is created not only between levels within the structure and fabric of a building but in ways of interacting the unique dialogue of space and how it is used and exceeds the boundaries of our imaginations and we even create new technologies to help with the evolution of technology so that the boundaries can be constantly expanded from where we are today and reach far beyond those of tomorrow. What was standard yesterday will be far exceeded tomorrow and what you though was the limit is now only the beginning of the possibilities in the form our designs and use of materials is exceeded with every stair we create as we believe there should be no boundaries to limit our imaginations and therefore we can then create stairs with materials and finishes to far exceed those of a simple oak stair with a carpet to cover the beauty of the original design.

Now we see no boundaries in what materials are used as glass becomes rock, steel becomes invisible wood proves to be the link between the distant past and our evolution into the future where we prefer to think that support is superfluous.

Marretti have been creating stunning staircases since 1970 and still strive to be at the cutting edge of evolution as every staircase is designed and manufactured with love and finished to exceed your expectations.


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