Glass spiral staircase Aberdeen scotland

Glass spiral stair Aberdeen

Spiral stair design creations blend access with aesthetics in a challenging concept but we open your minds to the possibilities of reality.

For a recently completed glass spiral stair in Aberdeen our brief was to create a unique spiral stair to link the master bedroom suite with the living kitchen of our clients beautiful new home in Aberdeenshire Scotland.

A timber-framed house in the stunning Scottish landscape needed a special stair to compliment the setting within our clients new home.

The Stair would be set into a circular structure in the hart of the property and needed to help cascade light from above to the ground floor so by creating a glass spiral staircase helped the turret act like a sun shaft and bring light into the space as we used our Ultra clear glass treads and landing so that there were no restrictions of the light down the turret. Ultra clear glass spirals are stunning spiral staircases and enhance any setting there created for. Ultra clear glass has a lower ion content than standard glass which has a natural green twinge to it.

This mix of ultra clear glass and stainless steel provides a stunning spiral staircase for our clients.

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