Stunning central spine staircase

To create a stunning open tread feel for this stunning  central spine staircase for our clients  in North Ferriby, Hull meant our designers had to combine styling to provide a beautiful solid but open aspect to the double height entrance space of this wonderful new home.

A chunky stair tread was one wish but with an open feel rather than a closed riser to which we created a 105mm thick beech tread and finished it with out natural hardwax oils so the oils soak into the wood to enrich and feed it and the waxes provide a beautiful natural feel to the surface with its anti slip properties and easy maintenance.

As the stair is central to the room it needed independent support which is created with a central spine of box section steel powder painted and fixed to the half landing where the design aspect take over as we then resin anchor our floating style treads up to the first floor as see here in the images.

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