Stainless Steel-wood Spiral Staircase

To create our designer inspired feature spiral staircases takes many hours and days of work with our designers and our production teams to ensure every stage of your stair is created with love and enthusiasm We can use many materials for the treads but these are made from varying timbers i.e. Oak, Doussie, Wenge etc but could also be glass or resin and coloured to match your requirements. We then hand finish our wooden treads with our lacquers or most of our clients prefer the natural hard wax oil which gives anti slip properties and is a natural wax oil from plant extracts the oils soak into the wood to enrich and feed it and the waxes solidify on the surface to protect it from every day use and we then only need minor maintenance with our maintenance products to keep your stair in its stunning condition.

The diameter of the spiral staircase can vary from 1m to 3m diameter and we increase the tread thickness to suit. The metal parts are either paint finished steel or stainless steel which can be polished of satin finished.

The assembly of the spiral staircase is made easier due to the non welding parts which hard created to be assembled effectively in your property with minimal disruption and all are mechanical connections for ease. These spirals are on view in our stunning showroom.

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